The LL.M. Programme is a Post-Graduate study in select areas in Legal Advanced Education.

LL.B. (5 Years Integrated/ 3 Years) degree/ equivalent from a recognized University, with at least 55% marks or more for General Category candidates and
50 % percent mark for reserved categories. Candidates appearing in the qualifying examination, however, can appear provisionally, subject to the production of
necessary qualification papers before or at the time of counseling session. The university reserves the rights to relax the minimum qualifying marks for admission
to LL.M programme to the extent of 5% in deserving cases of each category.
a) A Master’s Degree Programme in Law shall comprise of a number of courses and / or other components as specified in the Teaching and Examination and Syllabi as approved by the Academic Council.
b) LL.M. Programme shall be of one year duration. Emphasis shall be placed on research preparation for academic and scholarly assignments for aspirants. The minimum period required for completion of a programme shall be the programme duration as specified in the Scheme of Teaching and Examination and Syllabi.

c) The maximum permissible period for completing a LL.M. is 3 years from the date of registration/admission.
a) An academic year shall be divided into two semesters.
b) The Programme shall run in accordance with the Academic Calendar issued by the University.
5. Each of two semesters shall be a working duration of about 15-20 weeks.
There shall be a vacation of one week after the First Semester.
A student shall be required to have a minimum attendance of 75% or more in the aggregate of all the courses taken together in a semester. However, the Director /
Principal of the affiliated Centers of Legal Education may condone attendance shortage of 10% for the individual for reasons to be recorded. However, under no
condition a student who has an aggregate attendance less than 65% in a semester shall be allowed to appear in the semester examination.
Student/s detained due to shortage of attendance shall not be allowed to be promoted to the next semester and he / she will be required to take re-admission
and repeat all the courses of the said semester with the next batch of students. The University Enrolment No. of such students shall, however, remain unaltered and he /she shall be required to complete the programme in a maximum period of 3 years.
The Controller of Examination shall announce the names of all such students who are not eligible to appear in the semester examination at least 7 calendar days
before the commencement of the semester examination. In case any student appears by default, who has in fact been detained by the University, his/ her result
shall be treated as null and void.
The Registrar shall notify the fees payable by the students for various examinations after the same is approved by the Vice-Chancellor. A student who has not paid the prescribed fees before the start of the examination shall not ordinarily be eligible to appear in the examination. The Vice-Chancellor, however, may at his discretion allow, in certain cases of genuine hardship, an extension in the last date of payment of fees. The result of such students shall, however, be withheld till all the dues are not cleared.
a) The University shall hold examination for awarding Master’s Degree in Law (LL.M.) as per the prescribed Scheme of Teaching and Examination and
Syllabi as are approved by the Academic Council.
b) Examinations of the University shall be open to regular students, that is, students who have enrolled with any of the affiliated Centers of Legal Education of this University for a period specified in the Scheme of Teaching & Examination and Syllabi.
c) Conduct of Semester-end Examination i. All semester-end examination shall be conducted by the University.
ii. The schedule of examination shall be notified by the University at least 10 days prior to the first day of the commencement of the semester-end examination.
iii. For theory as well as dissertation/ thesis/ project report / seminar all examiners shall be appointed by the Vice- Chancellor out of a panel prepared for the purpose.
After receipt of the question paper/s from paper setters, the same shall be moderated by the moderator/s to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.
Dissertation/ Thesis For dissertation, the evaluation shall be done and marks awarded by a Committee comprising of an internal examiner who will ordinarily be the supervisor and one or more external examiners. The internal examiner shall award marks out of 40% and external examiner out of 60%. The examiner shall be appointed by the Vice- Chancellor out of a panel of three or names suggested by the faculty concerned of the affiliated centers of legal studies.
In case of any dispute, the dissertation may be valued by an internal and an external examiner and the mean of the two scores may be taken as marks awarded
to the candidate. If, however, thereby the difference of 15% of the total marks between the two scores of the examiners, the dissertation may be sent to the third examiner and the marks awarded by him shall be the final score of the candidate in respect of the dissertation.
a) A candidate to pass the end-semester examination must secure at least 55% marks in each course as well as aggregate of all courses subject to his securing at least 55% marks in external examination.

b) A student may apply within 15 working days from the declaration of the result for re-checking of the examination answer script/s of a specific course/s on the payment of such fees as decided by the university from time to time. Re-checking shall mean verifying whether as per the question paper and their parts have been duly marked as per the question paper and the totaling of marks. In the event of any discrepancy being found the same shall be rectified through appropriate changes in both the results as well as marks sheet of the concerned semester-end examination.
c) A student obtaining less than 50% of maximum marks assigned to a course and failing in the course shall be allowed to re-appear in a semester-end examination of the course in a subsequent semester/s when the course is offered subject to maximum permissible period of 8 semesters. A student who has to re-appear in a semester-end examination in terms of above clause shall be examined as per the syllabus which will be in operation during the subsequent semester/s.
d) A candidate who has secured the minimum 55% marks in each course as well as aggregate of all courses shall be declared to have passed LL.M.
Programme and shall be eligible for the award of LL.M. Degree.