Chaman Lal Law College,Landhaura,Roorkee made a modest beginning in the Rural     Area of Dist. Hardwar in the year 2015, with a focused objective about the awakening amongst the youth and to prepare them capable for effectively contributing towards  Socio-Economic Development of the area and the country. The college promises to    provide vision and leadership to its students for providing internal confidence.

Chaman Lal Law College is located in Landhaura, a town in tehsil Roorkee of district Hardwar situated at Landhaura- Manglor Road. Chaman Lal Law Colege,Landhaura  has made a modest beginning with an objective to impart quality legal education to the    boys & girls, especially students from rural back- ground, for not only to motivate and    inspire them intellectually but also to make them positive, purposeful and vibrant    citizens of the country.

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