Mr. Ramkumar Sharma

We are living in an age of uncertainty, change and competition. Today’s environment is fast moving and any system has to encourage flexibility, initiative and empowerment.

Chaman Lal Law College emphasizes the all-round development of its students. It aims at producing not only good professionals but also good and worthy citizens of a great country, aiding in its overall progress and development.
I am proud to introduce these premier institutions of learning where we endeavor to equip our Students with knowledge and skills that lead to graduate employ ability. We are committed to delivering an outstanding learning experience to our Students such that the values add is maximized from their entry to exit.
The programs are based on the state of art theory and contemporary practices so as to enable the students to face the challenges of the future. This is thus designed to impart knowledge and skills, both functional and integrative, to the Students to make them leaders in the forth coming years.
We welcome young-men and women to share our vision, goals and purpose to join hands with us in our effort to develop a new breed of dynamic, competent and committed professionals to serve our country .